Aimi, Ayasa, Rimi – Hello! Wink! (kindergarten ver.) This is one of Poppin'Radio's regular segments called 'BanG! Phrase', where they play instruments while singing a song from their discography. They always have fun by deviating a bit from the original! Source: Poppin'Radio 214BanG!!!!! (2020-12-14) Listen here for their weekly episodes: - I often post episode summaries in the Masterlist! -

[Eng TL] Maeshima Ami blog – 3rd Anniversary, and Irodori Special.

TN:- Source: Maeshima Ami's blog post (2020-03-16) - 「Berry Sweet Berry Love」Dance collab with Ogura Yui: Here's the setlist!! The BD of the live will be released with their first album TITLE IDOL on 2021-05-19!

[Eng Sub] Poppin’Party Christmas Special (Aimi, Sae, Ayasa) Merry Christmas! 🎄Happy birthday Aimin! ^_^ I really love this episode and have been wanting to sub this for the longest time because we get to hear them talk about their aspirations and how they got into Bandori. Not only is today Aimin's birthday, it's also 6 years from the day Saechi started learning … Continue reading [Eng Sub] Poppin’Party Christmas Special (Aimi, Sae, Ayasa)

[Eng TL] Afterglow Interview in Seiyuu Animedia Dec 2019 issue (2019-11-09)

For this interview, the Afterglow seiyuus finally met up for the first time after more than 3 years of watching their characters interact with each other in the game and anime. Enjoy the read~ Thank you so much for reading!! ❤ The event they held in February 2020 was a huge success! We're still waiting … Continue reading [Eng TL] Afterglow Interview in Seiyuu Animedia Dec 2019 issue (2019-11-09)

[Eng Sub] Chaotic Sports Festival: Combo Quiz (Part 3) The most chaotic last part is coming up! Seiyuus Itou Miku / Mikku (Kokoro)Toyota Moe / Moeshi (Kanon)Otsuka Sae / Saechi (Tae)Hikasa Youko / Hiyo-san (Tomoe)Yoshida Yuuri / Yuukichi (Hagumi)Tsumugi Risa / TsumuTsumu (CHU²) Source HaroHapi CiRCLE ~Sports Autumn! Chaotic Challenge Special~ (2020-11-24)